Thursday, March 06, 2008

Upgrade From Girlfriend to Wife

Berita dari 'dunia IT' yang selama ini nggak kuambil peduli karena biasanya pakai bahasa yang sulit dimengerti. Kali ini nyontek dari blog-nya tetangga, my dear Silly (haha... ngaku-ngaku 'dear') Sorry, dicontek abis.

This is how men react about the email “UPGRADE FROM BOYFRIEND TO HUSBAND”. They made the same story in a funny way too…
Just check this out. it’s so much fun
Dear IT Support :
I really need some help. A few month ago I upgraded a Girlfriend 7.0 program into Wife 1.0. Beyond my imagination, this new program has started to create a new sub program Child 1.0 and started to demand too much on my time and many other valuable sources.
This was not mentioned on the manual book and brochure. In additions, Wife 1.0 also crashed other programs, put herself into Daily Start-Up program, where automatically monitored all of the system activities, like a virus.
My other program such as Hang Out Café 2.5 or Friday Nite Party 3.11 has no longer run and simply crash the system every time I tried to run it on.
I tried to run Lazy Saturday 5.0 or Sleepy Sunday 4.2 but It didn’t work either. Instead, Saturday Shopping 3.0 or Sunday Home Cleaning 3.11 programs suddenly appeared and worked well.
Seems that Wife 1.0 couldn’t worked as background while I tried to run my other favorite application.
I was thinking to go back to Girlfriend 7.0 and uninstall Wife 1.0 but I couldn’t.
Could you help me on this?
Boring Husband.

Dear Boring Husband,
This problems are commonly appear as a basic misunderstanding of this program. Many people who upgraded Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0, think that Wife 1.0 is a Utility and Entertainment Program.
The real fact is Wife 1.0 is an Operating System, actually designed by our Programmer in HEAVEN UNLIMITED COMPANY, to run everything.
You cannot deleted or uninstall Wife 1.0 and get back to Girlfriend 7.0. Wife 1.0 was not designed for that and it will crash all of your system if you force to do that.
Several people had tried to re-install Girlfriend 8.0 or Wife 2.0 but this made new problems came up (see User Manual Wife 1.0 at Chapter 2. Alimony and Child Support).
We recommend you to keep using Wife 1.0, and try to face all of the things that you consider as problems, as good as you can.
Few tips from us, if there is a problem came up, try to run all of the Recovery Program on directory C:/APOLOGIZE, such as Say Sorry 8.0 or Hug & Kiss 9.0.
Even though few people say that Wife 1.0 is a program that needs high maintenance, but many people also know that Wife 1.0 can be a very entertaining program.
To get the maximum advantages of this Wife 1.0, you can buy an Add-on Program like Listening 5.0, Flowers 2.5 or Chocolates 1.3.
In whatever cases, we really not recommend you to re-install Secretary 1.0 program (especially Short Skirt Version) because this program is very not compatible with Wife 1.0 and almost can be predicted will definitely crash the system.
Hope this can help.


Diana said...

Waddow, keriting bangets yah bahasane? Terjemahain dong mbak? Hehe, sok manja... :) Ngaku aja males ;p

Diah Utami said...

Wah... ayo mbak Diana, semangat lagi...! Seru juga kok kalo mbaca keseluruhannya. Atau, minta terjemahin ke bang Zuki aja. ;)

Diana said...

Horee, alhamdulillah selesai juga bacanya, biar pake melotot2 juga (silau man!) Iya, lucu, menggelitik tepatnya... Makasih u intermezo full hikmahnya :)

Silly said...

hahahaha... yang upgrade from boyfriend to husband udah baca khan my dear (sok akrab juga :-) )

salam sejahtera,

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