Wednesday, September 20, 2006

People tells...

Somebody told me that actually :
You're an expert at persuading others to reach higher, now how about yourself? Think about your love life and what really serves your needs as opposed to locking you into repetitious and unhealthy patterns.
I'm good at persuading others to reach higher? Well... maybe I am, while I really want to set and try hard to reach a higher goal. How high I can be? Only Allah knows the best. May He blessed me in my every steps. Ameen.
In the other day, I've been told that...:
You're a source of strength and inspiration for all who know you. That's not a surprise -- you're the ultimate cosmic cheerleader. Just make sure this date is really into you. Could be they're seeking reassurance instead.
To be honest, I have to dig my own inspiration and strength too. Help me up!

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